Viper 1.2

Today I'm happy to announce the release of Viper 1.2. This release has a suspiciously short CHANGELOG, but under the hood it comes with numerous improvements and bug fixes that should make Viper a much more stable and solid product.

One of the most visible additions to this release is a user-friendly web interface that comes as an alternative to the traditional terminal. It emulates almost entirely the functionality that you'd get through the shell, but makes it easier for people to consume the results and operate on your binary repositories.


Through the web interface, largely developed by Kevin Breen, you can easily browse through the different projects and files and start inspecting them and executing modules and commands against them. For example:


Along with the web interface we fixed a number of bugs in existing modules and simplified some of the development models.

This is the CHANGELOG:

The credits and my appreciation go to all the contributors that provided new modules, fixes, bug reports and ideas to the project, including:

$ git shortlog -s -n
   447    Nex
    95    kevthehermit
    51    Raphael Vinot
    26    Alexander J
    22    emdel
     8    Luke Snyder
     7    Neriberto C.Prado
     6    Sascha Rommelfangen
     5    Beercow
     5    SnakeByte Lab
     4    Seth Hardy
     3    =
     3    Csaba Fitzl
     3    Dionysis Grigoropoulos
     3    Jerome Marty
     3    nidsche
     2    Sam Brown
     2    haellowyyn
     1    Alex Harvey
     1    Ali Ikinci
     1    Boris Ryutin
     1    Nasicus
     1    S0urceC0der
     1    Tobias Jarmuzek
     1    binjo
     1    dewiestr
     1    dukebarman
     1    jekil

We now have a long list of development items coming up for release 1.3 and any help is welcome. Make sure you join our IRC channell ###viper on FreeNode and discuss with us on how to take Viper to the next level.


published on 2015-04-04 12:00:00 by nex

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