Viper 1.1

Dear malware hunters,

As you might have noticed, I tagged release 1.1 of Viper a few days ago. It is now available for download here. As usual, the release process has been slower than expected, but development and contributions have been strong and regular. I'm confident more will come from even more people. Remember that this is foremost a community project, intended to become a collective development effort.

This is the current changelog:

Some of these features have been showcased in some previous blog posts and screencasts, I invite you to watch them all to get a quick glance of Viper's current capabilities. A slightly updated documentation is also available here.

The credits and my appreciation go to all the contributors that provided new modules, fixes, bug reports and ideas to the project, including:

$ git shortlog -s -n
   332  Nex
    69  kevthehermit
    22  emdel
     7  Alexander J
     7  Neriberto C.Prado
     4  Sascha Rommelfangen
     3  =
     2  Jerome Marty
     2  haellowyyn
     1  Alex Harvey
     1  Ali Ikinci
     1  Boris Ryutin
     1  Raphael Vinot
     1  Seth Hardy
     1  Tobias Jarmuzek
     1  dukebarman
     1  jekil


published on 2014-10-28 02:00:00 by nex

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