Viper + Bitcoin = \o/

Viper is an experiment.

It's attempt to create a unified, community-driven suite for binary analysis. I'm an ambitious person and this is an ambitious idea and I'm relying on the strength of the hacking and security community for its success.

Let's make it a social experiment too.

Some months ago moxie announced the release of yet another great project of his called "BitHub", a system that integrates with GitHub and Coinbase to automatically distribute Bitcoins donated to a project to all its contributors.

I set it up for Viper.

What does this mean? If you're adding a feature or fixing some bugs, BitHub will reward you with a small percentage of the Bitcoins available in the Viper's wallet. All you need to do is have a Coinbase account registered with the same email address as the GitHub account you're sending your pull requests from.

Since the project is so young and immature, right now we're operating in an opt-in mode, so if you want to claim your reward you'll have to place "MONEYMONEY" somewhere in your commit message.

This is what Viper is currently paying out for each commit:


At the time of writing the number is 0, Viper's wallet was just created few minutes ago, but you can already change that. You can start donating Bitcoins directly to the address 15xrTWmduftdHezxiCZyC1yFLo5RJXaAZS, which is a wallet created for collecting resources to be exclusively allocated into supporting the development of Viper. You can also send Bitcoins through the following button:

Donate Bitcoins

Support and contributions from the community are key to the success of this experiment. I'm personally very interested in seeing how this will go and confident that we'll manage to create a vibrant development and user community.

published on 2014-07-15 18:00:00 by nex

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